Want more fun and free time?
Do you desire better results in all you do?
We have the tools to bring ease and joy into your life, and we want you to have them, too…

You're a smart cookie.

You’ve got it going on.

You know who you are.

But somewhere down the line you seem to have lost sight of living a Fun, Fabulous & Feminine life and now each day is packed with more and more things to do.

In fact, while doing all these things, the joy feels like it’s been sucked out of you, while your to-do list still grows longer than the hours in the day.

You worry about security (life, financial, relationships) and about things you can’t control. And this keeps you glued to your activities as if your life depended on it.

You seem to have caught yourself in a trap and might not even know it.

You probably don't even realize that the more you keep this up, the less and less results you get, even with more effort. And, the more you worry, the less in control you feel.

Then... you don’t even have time to fit in the things you do to feel good about yourself, let alone enjoy even ten minutes of “you” time.

You know what you are not aware of as you’ve gone down this rabbit hole of doing?

You stopped living.

You’ve become burned out, overwhelmed and stressed out as a norm. Your body aches, your inner critics keep slave driving you and you wonder if you’ll ever get “there.” But “there” is a moving target)

We get it.

And you are not alone.

You are part of a growing epidemic of women who are overdoing, overdriving and overachieving every day in search of a life that was promised to us by our culture and shown to us daily in ads, movies and on Facebook.

We work with women every day who have the career or the family (or both!) and are aggravated, stressed out and tired of the grind.  Women who are living a life of a slave and not the fabulous and free women they were born to be.


Sound familiar?

If you’re ready for life to be fun, enjoyable and filled with ease, then we invite you to join us for The Fun Fab Playground… a rare and exclusive, one-of-a-kind virtual course where you’ll learn to master the feminine ART OF MANIFESTATION in business and in life.

Here's the deal... by doing less and infusing the tools that we will teach you, not only will you get better results but you will have more free time and WAY MORE FUN.

We Promise.

You've heard the cliché “Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one shot"... right?

This is not a dress rehearsal.

You only have ONE LIFE.

Isn’t it time to make the most of it?

For the first time ever…

Get the tools and techniques that hundreds of women are raving about... normally reserved for our signature live experiences…now available to you from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing the FunFabFem "Virtual Playground"

Join Rono & Sierra for a rare and exclusive, one-of-a-kind virtual course where you’ll learn to master the feminine ART OF MANIFESTATION in business and in life. This virtual training was created especially for you, the busy entrepreneur, the mom doing way too much and for every woman that is tired of having to do so much to prove themselves in this "mans world".

This exclusive master class is for women who are tired of the status quo and committed to their greatness, the feminine way.

But that’s not all… Keep reading.

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The trap of overdoing

Living in the trap of overdoing, over working and running yourself ragged is just one of the issues women face these days.

Factor in the ongoing challenges of self-doubt, lack of confidence and negative beliefs about our bodies, beauty and worth and we’ve got a major epidemic going on here!

Here is the good news

No matter what you have been told by society or naysayers in your life, you dear sister, have the innate ability to receive anything you desire.


That’s why we have spent years perfecting the tools we teach in the "FFF Virtual Playground", specifically to support a busy, sophisticated, multifaceted woman like you. We know you are ready for a new way of being and simply do not have the space to mess around.

What You'll Learn ...

When you choose to be in the playground you will leave this class knowing all of this and more. Absolutely guaranteed.

Join us on this self-mastery adventure and…

  • Get crystal clear on what you want for your life and know how to get it.
  • Rediscover what your heart truly yearns for then turn that yearning into fuel for success.
  • Know those nagging voices in your head? You will learn a fun way to tame them and turn them into your allies.
  • Learn why sisterhood is the #1 ingredient to a successful life for a woman.
  • Experience the depth of love, support and energy of incredible women who are a stand for success, yours and theirs, no matter what.
  • Get specific strategy on how to get you to the top of your "to-do" list.
  • Know what you need to do without a doubt and get to your goals fast.
  • Learn to manifest on command. Instantly... really... anything... instantly.
  • Shorten the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Learn why not being true to yourself repels men and creates issues in your relationships with them.
  • Go from give, give, give to "I am an excellent receiver"
  • Learn how to flirt with life and the challenges it can throw at you.
  • Learn to become comfortable with intimate or challenging moments that will expand your capacity for more.
  • Learn to own your power as a woman from a place of commanding NOT demanding.

Claim your rightful place for only $97


This Course Is For You If ...


  • Do a lot for others but rarely make time for yourself.
  • Can’t shake that nagging self-criticizing voice in your head.
  • Have a hard time asking for help.
  • Experience feelings of fear of rejection, failure or abandonment.
  • Often operate as a lone ranger doing everything on your own.
  • Feel like you should always be doing something.
  • Doubt yourself often.
  • Feel pressure to be everything to everyone all the time.
  • Sometimes feel depressed, anxious, guilty or cut off.
  • Feel undervalued and underappreciated.
  • Often feel voiceless or powerless in life.

If even one of these statements resonates with you, then you are ready to be #1 in your life by taking this course.

What is the Fun Fab Fem Virtual Playground and why do you want it?

The Playground is a 6 module virtual audio course where you will be taught tools and techniques to help you find greater happiness and enjoyment in your life, your relationships & your career.

Women that have learned the FunFabFem tools all agree (both million dollar business owners and stay at home moms) that this is the "must have" training for EVERY woman, especially if she wants to shine like she never has before!

"The tools that I have learned, make everything in my life so much easier" ~ Aly

You will learn how to cultivate your feminine power in order to gain more confidence and clarity on what you most desire.  You will discover the importance of using this power to get what you want at the office, in the bedroom, and with your partner. You will have the experience of effortless living and will no longer work harder or sacrifice the things you most enjoy in life.

This virtual program is for you if you are a woman who is seeking a new, more aligned approach to success (in all areas) and are interested in growing yourself in a supportive community of sisterhood that celebrates your fully expressed authentic self.

Isn't it time do something nice for you? Register for only $97


Here’s a Snapshot of What You Get

  • 6 Audio Recordings
  • "Homeplay" assignments so you can put the tools into practice in real time.
  • 6 Pleasure Guide playbooks filled with easy to follow training to elevate your experience and is super helpful for the visual learner.
  • Private online forum to network, connect, get your questions answered and practice the tools with your community of sisters.
  • A weekly live call every Thursday with your Playground coach, Kimberly, for Q&A, discussions, clarity and support.


When you become Fun, Fabulous and Feminine you will...

  • Have a more loving relationship to your body.
  • Identify and release subconscious beliefs that have been keeping you from greatness.
  • Connect deeply and authentically to other women without fear of "not fitting in".
  • Break down any barriers that have kept you feeling alone and separate.
  • Know what you really want and be able to ask for it without guilt or shame.
  • Get really good at receiving.
  • Find, follow and trust your intuition so you can make lighting quick decisions that matter.
  • Claim in your worth in ways you never have before.
  • Become magnetic to easily attract everything you desire and leave behind the things that suck!
  • Step into your divine feminine power.
  • Quiet the critic in your head.
  • Have the relationships you’ve always desired.

Who Are Rono & Sierra?

Sierra Sullivan

Sierra is the "go-to" women’s empowerment expert and success mentor for high achieving, mission driven and soul centered women. Women train with Sierra when they are ready to transform their struggle, exhaustion or stress into flow, ease and the ability to effortlessly magnetize what they truly desire in life, relationships & business.

Known for her exuberant personality, infectious laughter and playful approach to life, Sierra travels internationally to speak, lead workshops and elevate women into experiencing more fulfilling relationships both in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Creator and publisher of The RAY magazine, a Los Angeles based women’s lifestyle publication, adviser to the non-profit organization Gather The Women Global Matrix, and CEO of Life Stylized, Sierra has nearly 15 years of experience transforming women's lives.  She has helped hundreds of thousands to reclaim their feminine qualities of nurturing, receptivity, playfulness, creativity and intuition so that they are able to feel more authentically expressed and satisfied in ALL areas of their life.


It is a rare man who understands a woman. Even more rare is a man who understands a woman and knows her complicated, mysterious and emotional ways are her greatest assets. Rono’s gift is the capacity to be able to energetically “hold” a woman through her self un-covering process so that she can become her most authentic, powerful and exquisite expression of herself in the world.

Rono authentically engenders the Divine Masculine that allows the unfolding of the Divine Feminine within his clients. Any conscious business woman who is ready to move into the new, high vibration, feminine version of herself would be a genius to hire Rono!

Rono is the man beside you that can guide you toward your dreams. He has an extraordinarily motivating and heart centered approach to life, business and relationships. A highly intuitive lifestyle coach drawing expertise from more than 20 years of international vocal stage performance, Rono ignites his clients to inspired success. Gentle but demanding he will support you in creating a renewed sense of confidence, an ability to express your God given talents, claim your worth and live what was once only a dream.

Reviews From Happy Clients

Earlene Araque

Prior to becoming a Fun Fabulous and Feminine woman, I struggled with fear and with loving myself. Through my work with Sierra I learned how to let go of my pain and that I need to ask for help when I am struggling. Learning these tools made me feel free and able to express my emotions on an entirely different level.

Earlene Araque
Anita Filbeck

I learned that I have the ability to be all I can be and it is okay to be feminine! The sense of connection and sisterhood I felt with the women in the course was incredible. All women have the same struggles and we truly have strength in numbers.

Anita Filbeck
Heather Plyler

Living a Fun Fabulous and Feminine lifestyle taught me to be more feminine and to start letting go of unneeded defensiveness. I loved the sharing, the homeplay, and guidance Sierra provided us. Connecting with other women was a powerful experience for me. I learned to let go of harsh behaviors that don’t serve me, and unleashed my desire to be in my feminine being 100% of the time.

Heather Plyler
Tanya Porter

I learned that the more time and energy I spend trying to figure out the how, the further I am from having my desire. I realize now that I am in control of my own happiness. I feel alive. I feel powerful and that my energy is contagious. I love putting the focus on me over everyone else, for I have so much more to give others. It is great that I am building life long friendships with inspiring, beautiful women too!

Tanya Porter

Do something special for you today for only $97


What You Can Expect from us

You can expect an INTERACTIVE learning experience
You can expect DEEP-DIVE training
You can expect IN-DEPTH conversations and online connections
You can expect laughter and fun
You can expect to learn new ways of understanding your womanhood
You can expect to grow

You can also expect to get all of your questions answered … even the questions you didn’t know that you had….

200% We Got You Guarantee

Our programs are effective. Period. The strategies work for us and they work for our clients who commit to implementing the tools and strategies. We have hundreds of testimonials of clients achieving yummy results and experiencing huge breakthroughs. The difference between clients who get results and those who don’t lies completely in their commitment to the process and actually doing the work. No one gets around doing the work.

While there are no cancellations and no refunds once you enroll in one of our programs or buy one of our products, the moment you sign a contract with our company or enroll online into one of our programs or services, Rono and Sierra and our team commit 100%  to you and your success. However, despite this here is what we am totally willing to do – in a way that will benefit you sooooo much more than returning your money.

We stand behind our work and our programs 110% - We absolutely do not put junk out into the market to make a quick buck. We also believe in it so much that when you buy one of our products or enroll in one of our programs and you take all the action steps presented over the course of the program and show up for all the calls and actually implement the strategies we teach – and for some bizarre reason it isn’t working for you (although frankly, we’ve never seen this happen) – just show my team your work and one of us (Rono or Sierra) will personally get on the phone with you and do an assessment and help you figure it out.  Our normal coaching rate is $500 an hour, we will guarantee your success at no charge.

Additionally, if you and I (Rono or Sierra) decide together that you need private consulting; we will credit 200% of the price you paid for the program to upgrade to a private level of support. (Less shipping & handling and applicable taxes within one (1) year of your original investment.)



You only have one life.  Make the most of it.

You deserve to have the best, register today for only $97


This Program is NOT for everyone

It’s important we acknowledge that, this program is NOT for everyone. This experience will be an incredibly profound one filled with new tools, new friends and new ways of being that will bring in to question much of what you’ve been taught in this patriarchal world.

You will be challenged to face and acknowledge beliefs and behaviors that do not serve and instead be invited to try on and experiment with new approaches to life, work and relationship.

So if you are someone who…

  • Doesn’t believe that you are at-cause for your life
  • Has deep and long held resentment toward men
  • Doesn’t like or do well with change
  • Is not open to spirituality
  • Likes to blame and complain about your life

…then this program is NOT for you. No hard feelings and we wish you all the best.

However, if you are ready to break free and live FULL out, learning how to use the power of your authentic feminine magnetism to get more of what you deeply desire, with WAY LESS effort, then this program is for YOU!

You deserve to have the best, register today for only $97


Are you ready to plug yourself into this emerging movement of women living in their greatness and expressing the fullness of their femininity?

Email any questions to: support@lifestylized.com

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